“Traditional instruments for didgeridoo players”


We would like to inform our regular visitors and customers about a change to our business orientation and code of conduct that has already affected and will affect our stock in the future.

Since we started to sell didgeridoos over ten years ago, we felt important to be connected with the tradition, roots and the Land of the instrument. Its material made of, the sound and its cultural integrity was in our focal point. We decided to prioritise our focus, and put the cultural integrity and sound at the front in our business guideline. As a result of that, from now on, Hollow Log Didgeridoos Australia would like to promote only genuine traditional didgeridoos from Northern Australia and support the owners and caretakers of this unique instrument. We are travelling the Top-End from east to the west to learn about the different didgeridoo types and playing styles, and share the information with our followers.

Also, we feel important to help our customers to learn about and understand the traditional culture of the didgeridoo. We are working to make some great resources available on our website, and extend our stock with books, recordings and other background material – and great traditional instruments!

So check out our current stock of traditional didgeridoos available from Darwin – Australia, also from our European stock, return to our website again, and see our Facebook Page for news!