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How to order?

Our available didgeridoos, CDs or other resources are in three different categories – ‘Traditional didgeridoos’, ‘CD’ or ‘Resources’. By selecting one of the categories, you can see the available items listed, than you can see the details, rating and photos of each by clicking on the Learn more button. If you wish to purchase, please check the actual location and the description of the item.

Send us an email with the order number of the item you are interested in and your address. We confirm your order and inform you about the payment options, the additional freight charges, shipping methods and the estimated delivery time. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before you purchase.

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the sale of any didgeridoos offered on this web site. The purchaser agrees to accept these terms and conditions by placing his/her order.

The Hollow Log Didgeridoos guarantees that the quality and condition of our didgeridoos are in a good order. Any cracks or damages are mentioned in the description of the actual instrument, also our customer is going to be informed about these defects before the purchase. We are not able to offer warranty on any of the timber didgeridoos available on this website although we offer a free repair or advice in case of any problems with cracks or other damages on the material. All items are sold on a no refund basis.

All freight charges are paid by the customer. We do not accept any responsibility for goods lost or damaged in transit. All  freight charges include a basic insurance that must cover any damages or lost items.

All prices quoted are in Australian dollars. Overseas orders by credit card will use the exchange rate on the day they place the order. The linked currency converter is to be used as general guideline only and can vary to the actual exchange rate used on the day of the order.

Customs (importation duty) laws varies from country to country. Our customers may required to pay customs or importation duty after the purchase and before the delivery of the item. Hollow Log Didgeridoos does not accept responsibility for payment of customs duty.