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We are excited to announce old/new resources for traditional-fans available from our website!

Songs from the Northern Territory 5 CD box-set

Songs from the Northern Territory 1 - cover

Songs from the Northern Territory 1 – cover

Songs from the Northern Territory is an essential resource for every didgeridoo players who are interested to learn about the tradition and history of the instrument. The 5 CD box-set is a compilation of field recordings accomplished by prominent Australian ethnomusicologist Dr Alice M. Moyle in 1962-63, produced by AIATSIS. The recordings originally released in the late ’70s.

The material reproduced in this five set of discs has been selected from field (tape) recordings … at Oenpelli, Milingimbi, Yirrkala, Rose and Roper Rivers, Angurugu and Umbakumba (Groote Eylandt), Bagot (Darwin) and Beswick Creek Reserve. (…) the discs devoted to the music of the eastern and north-eastern Arnhem Land. In this region … there is a varied array of song types or styles, many of them accompanied by the didjeridu.” ( Moyle, 1974, p. 1).

You can find out more about the CDs here. If you would like to order the CDs, please send us an email.

Aboriginal Sound Instruments

Distribution of Aboriginal sound isnstruments by Dr Alice Moyle

Distribution of Aboriginal sound isnstruments by Dr Alice Moyle

The Aboriginal Sound Instruments album is the only comprehensive resource to provide an overview of the sound instruments that were used in traditional context in Australia in the mid-20th century.

The sound samples were selected by Dr Alice M Moyle and released by AIATSIS in 1978 on vinyl, then later on CD. The album contains sounds of the boomerang used as a percussive instrument at different parts of the continent, the clapsticks, didjeridu, seed pod rattles, the skin drum form the Torres Straight, the large hollow log drums and bamboo whistle. The original edition contained a booklet that gave useful explanations for the sound samples – unfortunately the booklet is no longer accompanies the resource. You can find the map that shows the distribution of the different instruments on our website (with the permission of AIATSIS).

We recommend this resource for anyone who is interested of the traditional culture of Australia.

The CD is going to be available on our website soon, please contact us to pre-order.

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