Pocket book.

`Learning Djambarrpuyŋu, no matter how little, demostrates a recognition of and respect for Aboriginal culture and creates a meeting point upon which relationships can be built.`

Djambarrpuyŋu is one of the languages spoken in Northeast Arnhem Land by the Yolŋu people. It has become the common language of many of the communities in the region. If you are planning to travel to the area any time in the future, or you are interested in the Yolŋu traditions, this is the #1 resource you need to have in your pocket. The book gives you an insight into the worldview of the Yolŋu people, tells you the `DOs` and `DON’Ts`that you need to know especially if you are interacting with a Yolŋu person, you can learn the basics of the pronunciation, useful phrases and plain conversations.

The book and the accompanying audio files are produced and published by ARDS Aboriginal Resources and Development Centre.