• The clapsticks are one of the most ancient instruments in the world, used by many different traditions at every corner of our Planet. It plays an important part in the traditional Australian Aboriginal music as a rhythm keeper.
  • Two greenback turtles are having a feast on a patch of floating plant. The design that surrounds them is saltwater (moṉuk gapu). The greenback turtles have a significant place in the spiritual life of the Yolŋu people, also considered as `superfood` along the coastal clans.  As you step back form the painting to watch it from a short distance, you can experience a kind of moving effect due to the crosshatching that fills up the area around the turtles. According to the tradition, this vibrant, moving affect is a physical manifestation of the ancestral power.
  • The Riny`tjaŋu, or Bloody yam is one of the many yam species can be found in Arnhem Land. The yam is a popular food source not just in Australia, but in many parts of the world. Its preparation is a long process, to be able to locate the yams takes a good local knowledge, that is why in the Yolŋu culture to have this knowledge is usually associated with power. The bloody yam is similar to the beetroot with a blood-like juice in its roots as the name suggests. It is harvested after the `yidaki-cutting-season`, before the wet-season starts. Collecting food is usually women`s business, requires a deep knowledge of the area, the seasons, the traditional food preparation and cooking methods.

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