Name: Ŋoŋu Ganambarr
Clan: Daṯiwuy
Moiety: Dhuwa
Homeland: Rorruwuy
Residency: Dhälinybuy

“Ŋoŋu is respected as a law-man for the Daṯiwuy clan and is gradually assuming more leadership responsibilities from his father, Manydjarri Ganambarr, a highly respected ceremonial expert. As part of these responsibilities, in 2015, Ŋoŋu began to produce sculpted larrakitj in his family’s style under the watchful direction of his djuŋgaya (manager) from the Yirritja moiety, Buwathay Munyarryun. These larrakitj are intricately painted with sacred clan designs.
Ŋoŋu makes consistently excellent yiḏaki. He is well known for selecting specific trees that often have completely natural bores and narrow chambers through the top section, producing instruments that have acoustics reminiscent of older style yiḏaki, ie. prior to modern tools; what some would call more ‘traditional.’ His yiḏaki are often painted with sacred designs depicting the freshwater system of Dhalinybuy, his mother’s country. More recently, Ŋoŋu has been painting his yiḏaki with sacred designs from his father’s country that sometimes refer to the saltwater regions off the coast of Rorruwuy community, where the actions of Mana the ancestral shark intimated relationships to the Datiwuy clan.” Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Art Centre

See below examples of yiḏaki made by Ŋoŋu.

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