A unique opportunity for collectors to own a rustic, old-school mako made by senior songman and didgeridoo maker Jack Nawilil. As you can see on the photos, the outside of the instrument is course, the mouthpiece and the bell are natural. The backpressure is quite low, therefore the player needs to acquire control over the airflow. The sound has an interesting echoey taste, that you might be able to hear in the sound sample. The timber is dry, naturally I would recommend oil in the inside, however it might change the unique acoustics of this instrument. I recommend this great mako for those players, who are looking for something unique to update their collection.

Key: C Lenght: 133.5cm Mouthpiece internal diameter: 4.3cm, the mouthpiece is waxed Available from Yirrkala, NT Australia with worldwide shipping Listen to this mako here: