Artist: David Brian
Clan: Balngarra
Language: Rembarrnga
Moiety: Duwa
Homeland: Ankabadbirri

Balang David Brian is a Balngarra mako maker and painter from Central Arnhem Land. Both of his parents are renowned artists: Balang’s father, Bob Burruwal was a senior ceremony-man, painter and mako master; Balang’s mother, Lena Yarinkura is a senior fibre sculpture artist and painter. Balang is currently living between his mother’s country Ankabadbirri outstation and Maningrida community.

Balang learned his skills and culture from his father. As he recounts, he was watching his father making mako and painting bark since he was a little boy. He is proud to follow his father footsteps in making art and sharing his culture with others. His mako making technique is unique, simple but extremely resourceful and creative.

Balang’s instruments are known for their exceptional sound qualities, precise craftsmanship and high quality finish. Due to his upbringing and knowledge, his art has high cultural integrity. His instruments are highly sought by both local mako players and didgridoo/art collectors worldwide.

See examples of Balang David Brian’s mako below.


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