• Many of our customers are interested in buying a natural instrument from Master Djalu’ – here it is one! The aperture along the top of the instrument is confined, therefore the backpressure is quite high, that can be challenging for many players. I always encourage customers to challenge their skills, and purchase an instrument like this, since it will help to understand the dynamics of a highly-charged yiḏaki – instead of playing fast, try slow rhythms and melodic beats. This instrument is very responsive, the ‘dups’ are easy to hit, the sound has a very high resonance with plenty of overtones. This yiḏaki is a good deal for those, who are looking for something different to update their stock.

    !!!Available from London, Europe with shipping to European countries only!!! Listen to this yiḏaki here:
  • Even though I have not appreciated high-pitched instruments lately, I need to admit instruments created by Ŋoŋu during the past few months changed my appetite for these instruments - and this one is one of the highlights. A beautiful stick with stunning painting, rich, full-bodied sound and superb playing characteristics: high backpressure, highly-responsive and fun-to play. One of those instruments that is truly hard to sell. Congratulations for the future owner in-advance.

    Key: G Length: 135cm Mouthpiece internal diameter: 3cm Available from Yirrkala, NT Australia with worldwide shipping For details and specifications see 'Additional information' tab below. Listen to this yiḏaki here:


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