• Djul'djul is a senior artist, the wife of the legendary yiḏaki maker B.Wunuŋmurra who passed a few years ago. Djul'djul was heavily involved in the yiḏaki business, painting the instruments made by her late husband, so probably many of you are familiar with her work. As Djul'djul mentioned, this particular instrument was made by one of her young grandsons, and she completed it with this simple but great looking artwork. The instrument has quite confined chamber along the top-section, therefore the backpressure is high but well balanced; the instrument plays fast, responsive to tongue and lip movements, and has a great transition between the drone and toot. The instrument has solid walls, but due to its short length, it is lightweight. I recommend this excellent yiḏaki for traditional fans.

    Key: F# Length: 124.5cm Mouthpiece internal diameter: 2.5-3cm Available from Sydney, NSW Australia with worldwide shipping For details and specifications see the 'Additional information' tab below.

    Listen to this yiḏaki here:

  • A unique opportunity to purchase a used ceremonial yiḏaki made by a senior lawman and prominent artist, Buwathay Munyarryun; you can listen to him as leading songman on the Mulka Archives – Yilan recording, accompanied on yiḏaki by Bibibak Munuŋgurr. The entire body of the instrument is wrapped in electrical tape, that is a common practice nowadays on instruments that are used by Yolŋu players for a shorter or longer periods of time. The reason behind 'taping' is simple: the plastic tape protects the timber body of the instrument and helps to avoid, or seal cracks that can occur due to extensive use. This is particularly important during ceremonies, that go on for days or weeks, so the instruments are played for hours at a time by several players. The multiple layers of tape on this yiḏaki suggests that it was used by different players for months or perhaps years. When I asked Buwathay about the history of this instrument, he said, this is his own ceremonial yiḏaki and now, that it served its purpose, he wanted to pass it on via the Yirrkala art centre; that to me - knowing Buwathay as a senior songmen who carefully selects yiḏaki to accompany him during ceremony - signifies the acoustics properties of this unique specimen. The body of the instrument is perfectly tapered, the chamber is open all the way through, and naturally hollowed. The backpressure is quite high, but, in saying that, the high pressure is due to the length of the instrument, not the confined space along the neck - that is an important distinction. The sound has high volume, it is rich in overtones and quite sharp. I recommend this yiḏaki for players who wish to deep-dive into the traditional playing styles and have a real taste of what kind of playing characteristics Yolŋu players prefer.

    Key: F# Length: 133cm Mouthpiece internal diameter: 3.2cm Available from Sydney, Australia with worldwide shipping For details and specifications see 'Additional information' tab below. Listen to this yiḏaki here:
  • Another 'top gun' from Dhapa: wide and natural internal aperture all the way along the body, tapered bell, open and crisp sound with excellent acoustics, medium and well balanced backpressure, easy-to-play drone and easy-to-hit dups, and finally, superb craftsmanship. If you know Dhapa's work, you may have a good idea what it feels like to play this stick; if you don’t know what kind of instruments he creates, have a good look and listen.

    Key: F# Length: 130cm Mouthpiece internal diameter: 3.5cm Available from Sydney, Australia with worldwide shipping For details and specifications see the 'Additional information' tab below.

    Listen to this yiḏaki here:

  • This instrument might be a challenging one for many players due to its extremely high backpressure. Although yiḏaki with high pressure is not popular amongst the (non-Indigenous) players, I often recommend these instruments to challenge skills and muscles. It also helps you to understand the dynamics of the didgeridoo in general. So if you do not have one, here is one for you from a master maker on a good price!

    Listen to this yiḏaki here:


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