Ongoing stock updates are happening on our website in 2019

Close-up on mago from Maningrida

Close-up on mago from Maningrida

We are rolling out ongoing stock updates on our website to make sure, that our customers have availability to our latest traditional instruments. Instead of 2 annual updates that we had done during the past few years, we are going to add instruments regularly. This is due to higher stock fluctuation, and our extensive travel plans therefore better access to traditional instruments across Arnhem Land.

Last year we made a big step forward to offer traditional didgeridoos from the West Arnhem region. We aim to encourage players who would like to explore this side of the traditional playing, also to support Indigenous makers of the area.

If you have a special request, please get in touch with us, so we can explore possible opportunities to get in instruments that are on your wish-list.

Check our website regularly!