New album from Bärra West Wind is out!

Barra West Wind - Djoŋgirriny cover

Bärra West Wind – Djoŋgirriny album cover

Bärra West Wind – Djoŋgirriny

Here is the third album of the great Yolŋu band, Bärra West Wind!

Many of you, who are interested in the traditional yiḏaki of Northeast Arnhem Land might be familiar with Djoŋgirriny, the traditional didgeridoo held by the Gälpu clan. As we can read in the booklet: “Djoŋgirriny refers to a concept that have flowed together since ancestral times. Djoŋgirriny is a deep and powerful sound, a sacred place, an ancient sng. It is the name of the first yiḏaki belonging to the Gälpu clan who have held its sound since time immemorial.”

You can find 17 excellent recordings on the CD, sung in the languages of Dhaŋu, Djambarrpuyŋu, Gumatj and English. The contemporary songs are influenced by traditional manikay, world music, hip hop and reggae, the powerful traditional recordings are accompanied by mind-blowing yiḏaki played by Vernon Marritj’ŋu Gurruwiwi, and Larry Larrtjanŋa Gurruwiwi. The traditional leading songmen are the well-known yiḏaki master Djalu’ Gurruwiwi and Jason Guwaṉbal Gurruwiwi.

Djoŋgirriny is one of the best contemporary albums of our time, we highly recommend it for every didgeridoo fans!  

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