SPUN – True stories told in the Territory

with Janos Kerekes from Hollow Log Didgeridoos

I was always interested in the stories of the didgeridoo players I met – how they find this instrument (or how the instrument find them?), what made them to sit down and learn to play it? Then I met others, who made the journey to Australia to get some real experience of the traditional culture and the Land. During the past two decades, I heard many great stories of players – different people with different backgrounds, countless unparalleled passion towards the didgeridoo.

I was invited to perform on SPUN, Darwin’s famous story telling night to tell my own story. It was a great experience to be welcomed in the arms of the city’s great community, and have a yarn about my journey that is fuelled by my passion towards the sound of a unique wooden trumpet of the Aboriginal People of North Australia.

You can listen to my story along with others on the Spun website – it is really worth, especially if you would like to feel what is it like to live in the Northern Territory of Australia, the place of great yarns, real legends, and the spirits of the past.