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A classic stick from Ŋoŋu: well balanced instrument with confined chamber, medium to high backpressure and top-quality craftsmanship. The mouthpiece is comfortable, the toot is easy to hit and sound great. I recommend this instrument for players who are following traditional playing styles.

Listen to this yiḏaki here:

Out of stock

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Cultural context

Maker: Ŋoŋu Ganambarr
Clan: Daṯiwuy
Moiety: Dhuwa
Homeland: Rorruwuy

The painting depicts gudurrku, or brolga that has a significant spiritual value in the Yolŋu ceremonial life.

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions140 cm
Area of origin

Dhalinybuy, Northeast Arnhem Land






Natural pigments on termite hollowed stringybark eucalyptus

Mouthpiece diameter internal

3 cm

Mouthpiece diameter external

4.5 cm

Distal end diameter internal

7.5 cm

Distal end diameter external

8.5-9 cm

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