Lena Yarinkura mako C# (HLM-37)


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A pretty instrument with slim body, medium to high backpressure and lots of high tones in the sound. The internal chamber is quite thin all the way through, that gives an interesting feel to this mako: if you push the air in with the support of your lower stomach, you can hear crisp, higher tones. This stick sings in C#. I recommend this excellent mako for traditional players.

Key: C#
Length: 128.5cm
Mouthpiece internal diameter: 3-3.5cm
Available from NSW, Australia with worldwide shipping

Listen to this mako here:

Out of stock

Cultural context

Maker: Lena Yarinkura
Clan: Bununggu
Moiety: Yirridjdja
Homeland: Ankabadbirri

The painting depicts the leaves and vines of a particular type of yam, that is a staple food source during the dry season across Arnhem Land.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions128.5 cm


Area of origin

Ankabadbirri outstation, North-Central Arnhem Land


Natural pigments with fixative and sugarbag wax on termite hollowed stringybark eucalyptus

Mouthpiece diameter internal


Mouthpiece diameter external


Distal end diameter internal


Distal end diameter external


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