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A unique, low-burner instrument from Master Djalu’, a great catch for yiḏaki and art collectors, and players who are looking for a meditative instrument.
The wall of this didgeridoo is quite thick all the way through the body, the bell left almost as it is, with minimal chisel-work applied – therefore the instrument is heavy and solid.
Despite of the unusual low key (that is extremely rare amongst traditional instruments) this didgeridoo is responsive to tongue and cheek movements, easy to play, even faster rhythms. The sound is rich in acoustics, warm and deep, the toot and dup is easy to hit and plays very well.
This yiḏaki is a rare catch, do not miss it!

In regards to the artwork, this design (or miny’tji in Yolŋu Matha) is quite rare on yiḏaki. The fine artwork, painted with natural pigments, depicts the river of stars – in Western cultures known as Milky Way – and, alongside it, an actual river that flows into the Blue Mud Bay, called Milŋiyawuy (or Koolatong by Whitmen). This particular design belongs to the Maŋalili clan (Datjuluma’s mother’s clan) who sing a song-cycle about the two ancestral beings who were drown close to the river-mouth after their canoe was tipped over by a huge tidal wave (an event sung by different Yolŋu clan-groups in the area). The spirits of the men then became stars and entered into a never-ending cycle of incarnation and re-incarnation into stars again. Yolŋu use the Milŋiyawuy river and the River of Stars as analogues to hold an pass on an immense sacred and sacred story that ties the Maŋalili ancestral beings, some totemic figures, the river, the land around Djarrakpi (a nearby homeland at Cape Shield) and the Milky Way together.

Key: B
Length: 172cm
Mouthpiece internal diameter: 3.5-3.8cm
Available from Sydney, NSW Australia with worldwide shipping

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Listen to this yiḏaki here:

Out of stock

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Cultural context

Maker: Djalu’ Gurruwiwi
Clan: Gälpu
Moiety: Dhuwa
Homeland: Ŋaypinya

Artist: Datjuluma Guyula
Clan: Djambarrpuyŋu
Moiety: Dhuwa
Homeland: Dhambaliya, Bremer Island

Additional information

Weight9 kg
Dimensions172 cm




Area of origin

Yirrkala community, Northeast Arnhem Land


Natural pigments and fixative on termite hollowed stringybark eucalyptus

Mouthpiece diameter internal


Mouthpiece diameter external


Distal end diameter internal


Distal end diameter external


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