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This is a quite interesting instrument, may not be straight-forward for every players, so I do recommend it for those who would like to exercise traditional playing styles and master some of the tongue movements, especially the interdentals or the ‘dh’ sound, that plays extremely well on this yiḏaki. Listen to the sound sample, I tried to highlight the bests of this instrument.
The thick walls contain and focus the resonance, therefore the sound is lacking in overtones, however has very unique acoustics. The drone is easy to play, the transition to the toot is easy. As mentioned above, the instruments is super-responsive to tongue movements. This didgeridoo is an excellent tool to sharpen specific trad-playing skills, so I only recommend for players who wish to do so.

Key: Eb
Length: 157.5cm
Mouthpiece internal diameter: 2.7-3cm
Available from Yirrkala, NT Australia with worldwide shipping

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Listen to this yiḏaki here:

Out of stock

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Cultural context

Maker: Djalu’ Gurruwiwi
Clan: Gälpu
Moiety: Dhuwa
Homeland: Ŋaypinya

Artist: Dhopiya Gurruwiwi
Clan: Gumatj
Moiety: Yirritja
Homeland: Birany Birany


Additional information

Weight7.4 kg
Dimensions157.5 cm




Area of origin

Birritjimi community, Northeast Arnhem Land


Acrylic paint on termite hollowed stringybark eucalyptus

Mouthpiece diameter internal


Mouthpiece diameter external


Distal end diameter internal


Distal end diameter external


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