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Here is a unique opportunity for yiḏaki players and collectors to own an original B. Wunuŋmurra. I do not think I need to introduce Old Man for those who are interested in yiḏaki; for those who are new to the yiḏaki-art: Mr B. Wunuŋmurra is one of the most known and most influential yiḏaki makers of our age, passed away a few years ago (see more in his bio by clicking on his name).

This stick is quite short, the internal aperture is open and spacious all the way along the instrument – therefore the backpressure is medium, and the sound has plenty of bass and overtones. The player needs to experiment and practice how to hit the dups, however once he got it right, it is effortless and comes easy. A great stick to upgrade the collection with something unique!

Listen to this yiḏaki here:

Out of stock

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Cultural context

Maker: B. Wunuŋmurra
Clan: Dhaḻwaŋu
Moiety: Yirritja
Homeland: Gurrumurru homeland


Additional information

Weight3.8 kg
Dimensions127.5 cm
Area of origin

Gurrumuru homeland, Northeast Arnhem Land


Natural pigments on termite hollowed stringybark eucalyptus





Mouthpiece diameter internal


Mouthpiece diameter external


Distal end diameter internal


Distal end diameter external


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