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A short, highly-charged mako from Maningrida. Due to the high backpressure and the short length, this instruments needs a player with good lung-capacity. What I love about this little, lightweight stick is its electric sound and superb acoustics.
Alex Brown is a carver who makes wood sculptures and work as an artist under the Mningrida Art Centre. This is the first mako we have seen from Alex, so we hope he will create more instruments that we can promote in the future.

Key: G-Ab
Length: 108cm
Mouthpiece internal diameter: 2.7-3cm
Available from NSW, Australia with worldwide shipping

For details and specifications see the ‘Additional information‘ tab below.

Listen to this mako here:

Out of stock

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Cultural context

Maker: Alex Brown
Clan: Lirrlirra
Moiety: Yirridja
Homeland: Waymbarrba
Residency: Maningrida


Additional information

Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions108 cm


Area of origin

Maningrida community, North-Central Arnhem Land


Natural pigments with fixative and sugarbag wax on termite hollowed stringybark eucalyptus

Mouthpiece diameter internal


Mouthpiece diameter external


Distal end diameter internal


Distal end diameter external


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