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Order no.: HLY-84

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Maker: Munuminya Marawili
Moiety: Yirritja

Area of origin: Bäniyala, Northeast Arnhem Land
Material: Acrylic paint on termite hollowed stringybark eucalyptus
KeyE (drone) / G# (toot)
Lenght:  128cm 
Mouthpiece: 2.9cm (internal),  3.7cm (external)
Bell: 5.5-6cm (internal),  8.3cm (external)
Weight: 5kg

Price: SOLD

Description: A great bush yiḏaki with a blunt sound, medium backpressure and good playability. The transition between the drone and the toot is easy. We would recommend to give an oil treatment to the inside to bring out some more harmonics.  The painting depicts saltwater barramundi, or ratjuk in the local language. 

Available from here: Yirrkala NT, Australia

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