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Order no.: HLY-180

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Maker: Yalpi Yunupiŋu
: Gumatj
Moiety: Yirritja

Area of origin: Birany Birany, Northeast Arnhem Land
Material: termite hollowed stringybark eucalyptus
Key(drone)/ Ab (toot)
Lenght: 135cm 
Mouthpiece: 3cm (internal),  5cm (external) 
Bell:  7-8cm (internal),  9-11cm (external)
Weight:  5kg

Price: 520AUD + shipping

Description: A great example of a classic bush-yiḏaki made with only hand tools: a machete, a chisel, and sand paper. The result is a 100% organic didgeridoo!
The walls are quite thick, therefore the instrument has some weight; the maker took some wood off at the upper part of the instrument, the bottom section left untouched, looks as it is under the bark. The bell saw a chisel, however as you look inside the instrument you can see the natural bore, that makes this yiḏaki – at least in my eyes – a perfect didgeridoo.
Is is really easy to play, the switch between the drone and the toot is effortless, the sound is rich, and has a good volume. I recommend this excellent stick for those, who are practising the traditional playing styles of Northeast Arnhem Land, and want to get a solid instrument to take anywhere in any conditions.

Available from here: Yirrkala, NT Australia with worldwide shipping

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