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Order no.: HLY-182

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Maker: Munurruŋ Yunupiŋu 
: Gumatj
Moiety: Yirritja

Area of origin: Birany Birany, Northeast Arnhem Land
Material: Acrylic paint on termite hollowed stringybark eucalyptus
KeyE (drone) / F# (toot)
Lenght:  140cm 
Mouthpiece: 3cm (internal), 4.5cm (external)
Bell:  6-6.7cm (internal), 8-8.5cm (external)
Weight: 3kg
Price: 600AUD+shipping
Available from here: Yirrkala, NT Australia with worldwide shipping

Description: A nice Gumatj clan yiḏaki made by one of the brothers of Gapanbulu Yunupiŋu. As we know Munurruŋ started to make yiḏaki recently, by playing this instrument it feels like he has great skills and confidence to create good quality instruments. 
It has a medium backpressure that gives a comfortable balance and easy playability to the instrument; the mouthpiece has perfect size and shape, the switch between the drone and the toot is easy. The painting is a Yirritja clan design, looks absolutely great on this stick!
I recommend this instrument for those, who follow traditional playing styles.

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