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Order no.: HLY-150

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Maker: Malalinya Wirrpanda
: Dhuḏi-Djapu
Moiety: Dhuwa

Area of origin: Dhuruputjpi, Northeast Arnhem Land
Material: natural pigments on termite hollowed stringybark eucalyptus
Key: E (drone) / F (toot)
Lenght:  136.5cm
Mouthpiece: 3.6cm (internal),  4.1cm (external)
Bell:  4.6cm (internal),  6.5-7cm (external) 
Weight: 5kg

Price: SOLD

Description: One of my personal favourites in the stock at the moment! I had to force myself to slow down a bit during the sound recording to show more taste of the sound. The sharp toots are very easy to hit, the backpressure is quite high, therefore the player needs to learn how to control the sound – that is why I found so much fun in this stick!
The artwork is stunning, painted with natural pigments. I have not managed to get much information about the maker yet, but I look forward seeing more yiḏaki from him!

Available from here: Yirrkala, NT Australia with worldwide shipping

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