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Order no.: HLY-106

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Maker: Litalita Gurruwiwi
Moiety: Dhuwa

Area of origin: Galiwin’ku, Northeast Arnhem Land
Material: Acrylic paint on termite hollowed stringybark eucalyptus
Key: E (drone) / Ab (toot)
Lenght:  126.5cm
Mouthpiece: 2.8cm (internal),  4cm (external)
Bell:  6-6.5cm (internal),  7.5-8.5cm (external) 
Weight: 3kg

Price: 350AUD + shipping

Description: A simple but great yiḏaki for those, who are practising the traditional playing style of Northeast Arnhem Land. There is a lack of high notes, therefore the sound feels a little bit blunt, however it does change after washing through the instrument – it was a great surprise during the sound recording.
This stick is easy to play, the backpressure is medium, and the ‘dups’ are easy to hit. The wall of the instrument is solid, the finish on the outside is nice and smooth, the mouthpiece is convenient.
Lovely instrument, do not miss it!

Available from here: Yirrkala, NT Australia

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