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Maker: Didiwarr Wunuŋmurra
Moiety: Yirritja

Artist: Djul’Djul Gurruwiwi
Clan: Gälpu
Moiety: Dhuwa

Area of origin: Gurumurru, Northeast Arnhem Land
Material: natural pigments on termite hollowed stringybark eucalyptus
KeyF# (drone)/ E (toot)
Lenght: 136cm 
Mouthpiece: 2.7cm (internal),  4.3cm (external)
Bell:  7.7-9cm (internal),  10-12cm (external)
Weight:  5kg

Price: 950AUD + shipping

Description: The two artists who made this excellent instrument are the close family of a greatly missed legend, Mr B. Wunuŋmurra. Didiwarr has learned his skills from his father. It is painted by Djul’djul’ who was working alongside of her husband for decades. The detailed miny’tji (painting or traditional clan design) depicts file snake, one of the totemic ancestor related to the Gälpu clan
The aperture is quite confined at the top section and gradually opens up along the body of the instrument, The backpressure is medium to high, the transition between the drone and the trumpet is easy, a responsive instrument with high volume. I recommend this great didgeridoo for those players, who follow the traditional playing styles of the Northeast Arnhem Land region.   
Since the timber showed movements around the mouthpiece (no current leaks), we offer this great instrument on a lower price. Do not miss it!

Available from here: Hungary, Europe with worldwide shipping

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