Bruce Burrŋupurrŋu Wunuŋmurra fundraiser

Bruce and his wife, Djul`djul

Bruce and his wife, Djul`djul. Photo from Yirrkala Yidaki

Bruce Burrngupurrŋu Wunuŋmurra is a senior Yolŋu man who lives in a remote community in North East Arnhem Land. He is an Internationally recognised yiḏaki maker. He has represented his people as part of a cultural performance group that toured worldwide in the early 1970’s and he has been openly sharing his culture with all those who visit his community and make contact with him. He is known by many for his kind and generous nature. Bruce was diagnosed with chronic myeloproliferative disease several years ago. His deteriorating condition now means that he no longer has the energy to work, and provide financial support for his family who depend on him and the production and sale of his work. He has to travel between Nhulunbuy and Darwin for blood transfusions, which are needed every two weeks to maintain healthy blood levels. He has no car of his own and often has to pay for expensive taxi fares from his community to the local hospital and supermarket in Nhulunbuy. A fundariser has been set up by Jeremy Cloake to collect donations to provide immediate and ongoing support in the form of food and travel expenses for himself plus his wife and children, so they can all be at his side through this challenging time.

Please visit the Fundraiser website and send donations for this great man and his family. Also visit their Facebook Page for more information and updates.

Hollow Log Didgeridoos would like to take part in the campaign, and offer this great yiḏaki from Marikuku WirrpandaBy purchasing this yiḏaki you are donating to the Fundraiser, the full amount will go to Bruce and his Family.


See a video about the campaign:



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